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Fleet Fueling

At Security Oil, we know that time is money, and you don't want to waste either. With our on-site fleet fueling service, you don't have to pay your employees to go fuel up their vehicles and heavy equipment.

How it Works

With fleet fueling, we come to your site and fuel up all your trucks and other equipment after hours, overnight or in the evening. Our fleet fueling service includes a detailed, accurate invoice of exactly how many gallons of fuel are delivered to each vehicle. Our delivery drivers are conscientious and our trucks are reliable, so you can rest assured your vehicles will be fueled when and where you need them to be.

Fleet fueling is a convenient and cost-effective solution for construction sites, temporary job sites, and delivery and service fleets of all sizes.

Combine Fueling

Benefits of On-Site, Mobile Fleet Fueling

Each vehicle is fueled up and ready to go when your employees come to work in the morning, reducing your driver and operator downtime and fueling time. Not only is it convenient, most of our customers report they save a significant amount of money by increasing productivity and reducing labor costs of fueling vehicles.

In addition, you'll eliminate the need for on-site fuel storage, because the gas or diesel goes directly into your vehicles. Your accounts payable department will see reduced miscellaneous credit card charges from fuel purchases, and you'll reduce the chances of slippage from fuel theft or non-fuel purchases.

Available Products

  • Unleaded Gasoline
  • Premium Unleaded Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Premium Diesel
Fuel Transport Truck

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