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Security Oil’s wholesale bulk fuel delivery service provides your farm or business with quality gasoline and diesel products, whenever and wherever you need them. We’re a family-owned company that’s been serving the area since 1963. We pride ourselves on providing safety, reliability, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Our experienced drivers run consistent routes, so you can work with the same delivery driver, and our dispatchers will maintain communications so you know when to expect your deliveries.

Ensure your fleet never runs out of fuel with the flexibility of scheduling regular deliveries to keep your storage tanks full, plus as-needed call-in orders. Our fuel products include a full line of diesel and gasoline, with delivery options that let you choose the quantities and fuel types you need. All of our trucks, trailers, tractors, fittings and hoses are well-maintained to meet the highest industry standards. We provide our customers with on-time, spill-free fuel deliveries, with electronic metering for accurate invoicing. We serve customers in retail, industrial, commercial, construction, farming, and oil field industries, among others.


For gasoline and deliveries of up to 8,500 gallons, our transport service fleet serves retail and industrial customers.


For smaller fuel deliveries of up to 4,500 gallons, our tankwagon trucks serve farms, businesses, construction sites, and more.


Security Oil can fill your bulk fuel storage tanks and gravity tanks so you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel during critical times, such as harvest or time-sensitive construction work.

Add the Tecalmit Wonder Box and get full inventory control of your fuel. The Wonderbox allow you to require specific identification and pin numbers for anyone wanting fuel. The user is able to download all fueling data to their accounting system, helping determine actual fueling costs. Add the Tecalmit probe and track deliveries and unauthorized withdrawals from the tank. Real inventory control, available on the solar or conventional tanks.

Solar tanks are a convenient solution because they can run for up to 16 hours if needed, and they’re metered so every gallon of fuel is accounted for. Security Oil is the exclusive provider and servicer of solar site tanks. These stable, double-walled UL142 tanks are a safer alternative to traditional on-site fuel storage options. Gravity tanks can be hazardous for both the driver and the farmer, so many of our farming customers are replacing them with solar-powered tanks. We deliver, set up and fill solar-powered site tanks to construction sites, farms, hospitals, and more.

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